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The Wild List Of Everything Golfer John Daly Consumed During Single Round Of Golf


The Wild List Of Everything Golfer John Daly Consumed During Single Round Of Golf

PGA Tour Championship golfer John Daly once consumed 21 cigarettes, 12 Diet Coca-Colas, 6 packs of Peanut M & M’s, and not one ounce of water during a single round of golf.

Daly was one of the brightest stars who opened up the 2022 PGA Championship on Thursday, and his large presence sparked a wild 2008 memory from sports reporter Will Brinson.

“Quick John Daly story while he’s still under par,” Brinson shared on Thursday. “I do not * think * you can find the story online (the Internet does not actually keep anything forever) but way back when I worked at [Fan House] (RIP), I covered the 2008 Wyndham Championship and Daly was the biggest name. ”

“Anywho, best part of the week was following Daly around for a practice round either Tues or Wed,” Brinson continued. “It’s been a while, I’m old, not sure which. I decided to track what this athletic specimen was putting in his body as he prepared to compete in a high-level professional golf tourney. ”

“Followed him for 18 holes, hawking his every move, taking meticulous notes every time he reached for his golf bag, took a bite or a sip or a puff,” the reporter recalled. “First few holes were just kind of eye opening.”

“By the back nine I realized I was essentially watching someone pitch a perfect game,” Brinson said.

“The final tally of literally everything he put into his body over a full 18 holes: 21 cigs, 12 Diet Cokes, 6 packs of Peanut M & M’s, 0.0 ounces of water,” Brinson posted.

Daly is a “fan favorite” for many reasons. “The 56-year-old, who now competes primarily on the senior tour, has become a cult figure of sorts, owing to his flamboyant clothing and colorful, everyman persona, chain-smoking cigarettes on the course while frequenting his beloved Hooters,” Audacy noted.

The golf star is also a vocal support of former President Donald Trump.

Back in March, Daly fumed over someone recording his phone conversation with Trump and leaking it to the press.

On the recording, Trump said he threatened Russian President Vladimir Putin that the US would “hit” Moscow, presumably if Russia advanced on Ukraine.

“They’re all saying, ‘Oh, he’s a nuclear power,'” Trump said during the phone conversation with Daly, the Orange County Register reported. “You know, he was a friend of mine. I got along great with him. I say, ‘Vladimir, if you do it, we’re hitting Moscow.’ I said, ‘We’re gonna hit Moscow.’ And he sort of believed me, like 5 percent, 10 percent. That’s all you need. ”

Daly expressed concern that Trump would be upset with him over the leak.

“I called (Trump) just to see how he was doing, checking in on him,” the golfer said. “We did not see anybody filming anything. He must have just done it without anybody seeing it. ”

“We know now who did it, who filmed it,” Daly continued. “That jerk. We’re very upset with him. I apologized to Mr. Trump. ”

“I’m not that guy; I’d never do that. It was not that bad (what Trump said), but I’m his friend, and I would never do that to him, ”he added. “Whoever did it (posted the video first) must have sold it.”

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