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Snoop Dogg supports Sasha Banks on Instagram

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Snoop Dogg supports Sasha Banks on Instagram

Sasha Banks’ place in the larger pop culture conversation and potential as a crossover star was a hotly debated topic before she & Naomi walked out of Raw last Monday (May 16).

With WWE waging a public relations battle against their two estranged stars on their television programs and online outlets, there’s an even brighter spotlight on Banks’ ability to land roles in Hollywood spirit attract mainstream interest. It’s her leverage against Vince McMahon & company, a bet that WWE needs her more than she needs WWE.

One element of that is Sasha’s family connection to hip-hop legend, global superstar, and WWE Hall of Famer Snoop Dogg. The DO-Double G is Banks’ cousin on her father’s side, and while they were not close while she was moving around the country with her mother as a kid, they’ve formed a relationship through their shared love of pro wrestling. She broke it down to Steve Austin during her 2021 appearance on Broken Skull Sessions:

“I did not grow up around him, only when he was around where I was living would I go to his concerts. When I found out he was going to be doing the Divas Battle Royal for WrestleMania [24], I begged my mom to call my birth dad and be like ‘how the hell can I go to WrestleMania. Can I please go to WrestleMania? I’d do anything ‘.

“He got me out there and I told him my dreams of wanting to be a wrestler and he told me. ‘If this is your dream then go get it’. That was at 16. Then at 23 or 24 he’s walking me down at WrestleMania [32]…

“And now our relationship is so different and the advice he gives me to this day, I use it and I’m just- He’s so incredible and I aspire to be someone like him. He’s iconic, he’s a legend. There’s nobody bigger than Snoop Dogg. ”

Which brings us back to Sasha’s current situation, where he legendary cousin & mentor showed his support for The Boss on Instagram yesterday (May 22):

Using the name of Roman Reigns’ faction is a nice touch.

Snoop’s had a bit of an on-again-off-again relationship with WWE himself since being inducted into the company’s Hall of Fame in 2016. His appearance on AEW Dynamite – done to promote TBS ‘ Go Big Showon which Snoop was a judge along with current WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes – reportedly was not well received in Stamfordbut the two sides mended fences for a merchandising deal.

How will this play, for Snoop and / or Sasha’s WWE future? Stay tuned.

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