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See Kate McKinnon Return To Her Best Role For Her SNL Send-Off


See Kate McKinnon Return To Her Best Role For Her SNL Send-Off

Town James Brizuela
| 20 seconds ago

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Kate McKinnon is part of a group of cast members from Saturday Night Live who is leaving the show permanently. Though she gained her popularity from the long-standing sketch show, McKinnon has become one of the funniest comedic actors in the business. It’s likely why she’s leaving the show, as she’s clearly moving on to other endeavors. Though it is sad to see such a huge talent leave the show, she was given the best possible send-off. The actress returned for one final time as the character known as Rafferty. The character is often being questioned by the FBI or CIA, as having been “abducted” by aliens. However, Rafferty’s experience is always drastically different from the rest of the people being questioned. You can see her final performance as Rafferty below:

The cold open for last night’s show was met with thunderous applause and cheering, as the audience knew exactly what they were in store for by seeing Kate McKinnon in her full Rafferty getup. Natasha Lyonne and Cecily Strong’s characters both describe their experiences as this wonderful and enlightening moment. However, Rafferty speaks of a much different moment in which she was “yanked” on board. She added, “I’m being rocketed up to the ship with my coot coot and prune chute.” Basically, she was naked while using the road as a restroom, and was subsequently yanked on board the alien spacecraft, in typical Rafferty fashion.

The difference between this Rafferty experience and the others is that the lines that were delivered were hilarious and sad all in one. The agents at the Pentagon inform the ladies that one of them must go away with the aliens forever. Rafferty volunteers by saying, “Well, I can read the room. It’s me, right? ” she added “Sure, and why not. I always kind of felt like an alien on this planet anyway. ” Kate McKinnon expertly delivered the hilarity and sadness of this sketch to the forefront of everyone’s minds. She also finished with, “Well, Earth. I love you, thanks for letting me stay awhile. ” The audience erupted in cheers as McKinnon said her final goodbyes through arguably her best character on the show. The actress was clearly emotional as she said goodbye to her fans.

Kate McKinnon joined SNL in 2012 and spending 10 years on one show is certainly a long time. She has more than paid her dues and deserves all the upcoming films and shows she will be a part of. She is currently filming Barbie, where she is set to star alongside Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. She has also lent her voice to the character of Lulu in the animated film, DC League of Super-Pets. This film boasts an all-star cast that includes Kevin Hart, John Krasinski, Keanu Reeves, Dwayne Johnson, and many more.

Although it is sad to see her take her exit after providing some of the funniest moments on the show, Kate McKinnon has earned her spot as one of the most sought-after comedic actors in the world. She may have been abducted by aliens for the final time, but her moments as Rafferty are ones that fans will appreciate for years to come. Although it is not necessary, considering how her career has shot up, we hope the best for McKinnon in all her future endeavors.

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