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Josh Donaldson’s ‘Jackie’ explanation ‘bulls–t’

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Josh Donaldson’s ‘Jackie’ explanation ‘bulls–t’

Liam Hendriks has stated previously that he did not get along with Josh Donaldson when they were teammates in Toronto.

The current White Sox closer lit into the Yankees third baseman Sunday over Donaldson referring to Chicago shortstop Tim Anderson as “Jackie” during Saturday’s game at the Stadium.

Donaldson said he was making a joke about Anderson dubbing himself “today’s Jackie Robinson” in a 2019 Sports Illustrated story, but Anderson took offense to the jab and Chicago manager Tony La Russa called it a “racist” comment.

“Completely inappropriate,” Hendriks said about Donaldson’s words. “And then after hearing what was said after the game, usually you have inside jokes with people you get along with, not people that do not get along at all. So that statement right there was complete bulls – t. ”

Liam Hendriks
Liam Hendriks

Hendriks, who was a teammate of Donaldson’s with the Blue Jays in 2015, said players on other teams have had similar experiences with him when they shared a clubhouse.

“My feelings towards the individual in question are pretty well-documented, the fact that we do not get along,” Hendriks said. And the fact that I have now spoken to I think it’s four separate clubhouses that he’s been into? And as a whole, none of them have gotten along [with Donaldson]. So him trying to whip out that narrative is complete and utter bulls – t… I do not understand how he ever thought about it like that. It’s just straight delusional. ”

Referring to Anderson, Hendricks added that the White Sox “have TA’s back in everything,” as evidenced by the benches clearing after Chicago catcher Yasmani Grandal jawed with Donaldson later in Saturday’s game.

“I’m really happy with Yaz’s decision to confront him at the plate,” Hendriks said. “That shows just how strong this clubhouse is, that shows the brotherhood in this clubhouse that we have going on.”

Josh Donaldson during Saturday's Yankees-White Sox game.
Josh Donaldson during Saturday’s Yankees-White Sox game.
Getty Images

Yankees manager Aaron Boone said Sunday that Donaldson met with him and some Yankees teammates about the matter before Sunday’s doubleheader, but Hendriks revealed that some of the White Sox reached out to Donaldson’s teammates, too.

“I know a couple of our guys made sure that a couple of their guys in their clubhouse knew exactly what was going on,” Hendriks said. “He knew damn well what he was doing and he intended it to be exactly what it was. He just did not intend the repercussions to be as swift and as thick as they were. ”


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