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Batwoman Did for TV What Black Panther Did for Movies, Says Javicia Leslie


Batwoman Did for TV What Black Panther Did for Movies, Says Javicia Leslie

Javicia Leslie, star of The CW’s Batwomancompared the impact of the DC series to that of Marvel Studios’ Black Pantherwhich starred Chadwick Boseman as the titular hero, in terms of on-screen diversity.

“The cultural movement that came after Black Panther; what that movie showed was how there is a space for Black superheroes and Black comics, “Leslie said in an interview with Digital Spy. “And so coming on the heels of that as Batwoman, we also showed that there’s a space for it in television. There’s a space for it to exist once a week, every week, and there’s a community for it. And that community doesn ‘ t all look like Ryan. “

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Leslie starred as Ryan Wilder / Batwoman since Season 2. “That’s what I love about Ryan,” she continued. “She has so many boxes that she checks. It allows the community not to have to look like her. It’s just all about her. Like, I’ve had conversations with fans that have grown up in the foster care world, and I ‘ ve had fans tell me something else that’s very similar to Ryan that equates to their life. “

According to Leslie, Batwoman was an opportunity to show “the higher-ups – the bigwigs – that there is a space for Black superheroes.” She continued, “There’s a space for women superheroes. There’s a space for gay superheroes. There’s a space for all of us. And let’s continue to show that diversity.”

The CW recently canceled Batwoman after just three seasons, airing its series finale on March 2. Batwoman‘s cancellation came after The CW renewed only two Arrowverse shows for additional seasons, which consist of The Flash spirit Superman & Lois. However, following the cancellation of Legends of Tomorrow after eight seasons and Naomi after just one, The CW’s remaining DC series (apart from The Flash spirit Superman & Lois) will be Gotham Knights.

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The CW broke new ground in casting Leslie as not only the first Black, live-action Batwoman but DC’s first time casting a Black woman as the lead hero in a television series. This is also the second time the character has been written as an out lesbian. In a January 2021 interview, Leslie addressed her historic role by saying, “I always just remind myself that my purpose is not for me. My purpose is to empower other people.”

Batwoman premiered on The CW in 2019 with Ruby Rose in the title role as Kate Kane / Batwoman. However, Leslie has portrayed Ryan Wilder / Batwoman on The CW series since Season 2, which premiered in 2021, after replacing Rose as the titular DC hero.

All three seasons of Batwoman are available to stream on HBO Max.

Source: Digital Spy

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